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Skull & Crossbones

Location: Unmarked Scorpion-7 holding chamber
Given by: N/A (Automatic)
Rewards: +200 Experience

+25 Reputation

Skull & Crossbones is a secret quest in Unturned 3.




  1. Progress through the Mk. II Puzzle
  2. Enter the holding chamber and kill the Cursed Pirate Zombie Boss.
  3. Continue the puzzle

This boss combines the powers of all zombie bosses of the game including the lightning strikes, fire breathing and ground pounding. Its health is also relatively high, so be prepared to stock up lots of ammo (Preferably an assault rifle or a machine gun) before getting into the chamber. Use the pillars to your advantage if you're fighting heads-on.

Once dead, you'll be teleported to the same room you were teleported from and receive the rewards.



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