Skypoint is a map in Antique.


Aaron Ridge:

Ana's Lighthouse:

Ana's Lighthouse is located on the north-eastern river coast.

Badwater Port:



Dinnino Estate:

Evacuation Center:

Farway Airport:

Georgey Town:

Griffith Valley:

Heritage City:

Ilysnaf Point:

Jenkyn's Farm:

Lar's Farm:

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Lar's Farm is a located west of Skypoint Castle, running off Georgey Town's northern road. It consists of a long pathway leading up to a small house, two silos, two barns, and a wheat field. Up to seven zombies spawn in the area.

Food, seeds, and weapons spawn in the area. It is a common spawn location for the Python. A Truck or Tractor may also spawn at the location.

Mezzelo's Compound:

Radio Tower:

Redlain's Farm:

Skypoint Castle:

Skypoint Castle is a castle located atop a mountain at the center of the map. The area is snowy, and will cause Temperature to drop harshly. The AK47 can spawn at the castle.

Steel Mine:

Timothy Farm: