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Smuggler's Cove

Location: Liberator
Given by: Chief Brian
Rewards: +50 Experience

+10 Reputation

Smuggler's Cove is a quest in Unturned 3. You must talk to Chief Brian to receive this quest.


  • Pay 1XP to ??? on the Liberator. He is on the main deck, to the right of the ladder near the bridge.


If you think it's worth checking out Chief Brian has given you permission to investigate the smuggling. He thinks if there is any base to it there'd be traces of a shipment somewhere along the coastline.


Uniform scrap

The Uniform Scrap

  1. Talk to Chief Brian about Major Len 's smuggling.
  2. Find the evidence (A Uniform Scrap. Found east of Kivgrad Harbor, underneath the rock bridge.)


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