Snayperskya 129
ID 129
Context Rare Ranged Weapon
Equip Primary: 10 slots (5x2)
Fire Mode
Safety • Semi
Range 250 meters • 273.40332 yards
3.57143 RPS
Durability 45% degrade chance (1 wear)
Hook Barrel • Grip • Sight • Tactical
Default Snayperskya Iron Sights
Size 5x2
Player Damage
Damage 65
Zombie Damage
Damage 99
Animal Damage
Damage 65
Miscellaneous Damage
Size 5x2
Muzzle 4
Recoil and Shake
Aim ADS recoil multiplier of 0.75
Size 5x2



The Snayperskya (pronounced Snay-PURSE-keeya) is a Rare Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It is classified as a semi-automatic sharpshooter rifle and uses Snayperskya Magazines, which hold 7 rounds each. It spawns with the Snayperskya Iron Sights pre-attached by default. The Snayperskya takes up 10 (5x2) slots in the Inventory.

Acquirement: Edit

PEI: The Snayperskya is found in the Bunker on Holman Isle, the ATC tower in Belfast Airport, the lighthouse at Caperock, in the bank vault at Alberton, and in the Radio Tower.

Washington: It can be found at Heritage Valley, in the bank at Seattle, on the Radio Towers all around the map, and in the Submarine.

Russia: It can be found at Military Locations such as Volk Military Base, Zavod, Silo 22, the Oil Rig, and the subway of St. Petersburg.

Hawaii: It can be found at most unmarked ranger caves.

Analysis: Edit

Does more damage than its counterpart, the Sabertooth. Mediocre magazine attachment capacity.
Half the degrade chance than the Sabertooth. High degrade chance.
Lower recoil than sniper rifles. Rare ammunition type except on Russia.

Blueprints: Edit

Snayperskya (damaged)
Snayperskya (100%)

History: Edit

The Snayperskya has been added to the game.
Removed ability to use Barrel Attachments.
Fixed spelling of Snayperskya.
Tweaked firerate a bit higher, decreasing RPS.
Tweaked Snayperskya recoil a bit lower.
Tweaked to have the ability to use Barrel Attachments.
Tweaked range a bit higher.
Added Skins for the Snayperskya, as playtime drops.
Added damage against objects, set at 25.
Tweaked player damage from 50 to 65.
Tweaked animal damage from 50 to 65.
Tweaked range from 200 to 250.

Trivia: Edit


The Snayperskya next to its similar real-life counterpart.

  • It is based on the Dragunov, which actually has the term "Snayperskya" in its name. (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, or SVD)
  • "Snayperskaya" is the feminine version of "Snayperskiy", which means "sniper" in Russian, as in "a sniper rifle".
  • The Snayperskya is based on the SVD in most aspects. However, the stock resembles that of the SVDM, a modernized version with plastic furniture instead of wood, and with one hole instead of two.
  • Like most ranger-grade weapons, the default sights are modeled incorrectly, as the real life SVD's sights are located near the handguard.
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