Rarity Legendary
Type Easter Egg



The Soulcrystal Puzzle is a mystical occurrence that involves searching for clues around the Russia map and performing a ritual inside the St. Petersburg metro.

It was added in the update to better explain the lore of Unturned.


Between Keryev and St. Petersburg there is a sort of hill where you can find a monument similar to Stonehenge. Inside one of these rock houses, you will find the Soulcrystal symbol on a wall, and lying on the ground next to it you will found a note. This note tells you a story about the origin of the symbol, and give you some hints about the Soulcrystal location. The Soulcrystal is hidden under St. Petersburg, in the subways. In order to reach the Soulcrystal, you have to go at nighttime, and you need to go near the crashed trains. There, you will find another Soulcrystal symbol. Use "area" chat and type: Anastasia, the wall will rise to the top and you will find the Soulcrystal altar.

Then place a Horde Beacon near the crystal and then fight the horde, or lure Zombies with Flares into the room. After you kill 20 zombies, you will be teleported into an abandoned laboratory. Inside this forgotten laboratory you will find 2 notes, the note at the start of the lab will explain to you the story of mutated zombies. The other note, placed near the glowing Soulcrystal will explain you the possible cause of this zombie apocalypse, everything started from experiments on the ancient crystal. Walking toward the crystal you will hear a strange sound and you will be teleported back to the crystal placed inside the subways of St. Petersburg, unlocking the Soulcrystal achievement.


  • Inside the laboratory you cannot equip items and you cannot use consumables.
  • The laboratory is placed somewhere outside the world limit of the Russia map so it cannot be reached without completing the Soulcrystal Puzzle.
  • Anastasia is a reference to the late Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.
  • Inside the laboratory, erected Pine Barricades can be collected on the lower level.

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