Location: Liberator
Given by: Ensign Cliff
Rewards: +200 Experience

+20 Reputation

Sparks is a quest in Unturned 3.


While flying South over Jhavesk Ensign Cliff's squad's helicopter took several electric shocks from a giant sparking zombie. If you're brave enough he's sure it'd be appreciated to kill it before it can cause more trouble.


  1. Speak to Ensign Cliff in one of the cabins of the Liberator.
  2. Travel to Jhavesk and kill the Lightningstrike Boss
  3. Speak to Ensign Cliff again and complete quest.

Once you get to Jhavesk, make sure you keep your distance from the Lightningstrike Boss as the electric shocks hit you almost instantly in range, dealing 1/4 of your health. Assault rifles and machine guns are recommended against this boss at mid-range. Shoot the head to maximize damage output.


About to head off to bed in a moment. *he blinks sleepily*

  • Seen anything weird lately? (Show quest.)
  • I killed that boss zombie! (Turn in quest.)
  • Sleep well

Good luck! If you run into it try to stick to cover or you'll get zapped. (Quest accepted.)

Impressive! You'll be quite the source of gossip among the troops. (Quest completed.)