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Item Type: Structures
ID 459
Equippable? Yes
Slots: 4 (2x2)
Description: Electricity powered wide angle light.

The Spotlight is a placeable light source in Unturned 3 that can be crafted or found in Construction Locations.


It can be turned on and off by pressing F by default. It requires a Generator to work. When turned on with a Generator, the Spotlight will emit light in a 145 degree angle at where its pointing.


The Spotlight requires 2x Wires, 5x Metal Bars and a Blowtorch.




Item Type: Structures
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Weight: (0.4 kg)
Description: "Powerful lamp for midnight operations."

Worklight is a uncommon placeables that can be found in construction locations. It is used to light a small area whatever it is facing. In order to activate it, they must be in the area close to the Generator.


  • Work Lights were also in Unturned 1. They looked differently than the ones in Unturned 2. They were all yellow and had a single yellow light on each pod.
  • When compared, the headlights of vehicles seem to be slightly brighter and the fact that cars don't need generators, makes them a considerable replacement when starting out.
  • If you look carefully, the light source comes from between the two "lamp holders", instead of the front of each one.

The Lamp is a Barricade in Antique.