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Stone Support

Item Type: Crafting material
Equippable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.4 kg/ X lb
Description: Stone rock support.Very support.Much use.

The Stone Support is a craftable item in Unturned. It behaves like the Wooden Support, but is stronger and has a different crafting recipe.

Crafting recipes

How to make

Material Material Output
1 Stone 1 Board 1 Stone Support


Material Material Output Craftsman Level
2 Stone Support 1 Stone Cross Level 0
2 Stone Support 1 Board 1 Stone Pillar Level 1
1 Stone Wall 1 Stone Support 1 Stone Doorway Level 1
1 Stone Doorway 1 Stone Support 1 Stone Window Level 1
1 Stone Window 1 Stone Support 1 Stone Garage Level 1


  • Oddly enough, wood is used to make the Stone Support, even though wood isn't shown neither when dropped or in its icon.