Stores are areas or places within towns that contain items that sometimes do not spawn anywhere else.

Stores are areas or places within towns in maps that contain special items that sometimes do not spawn anywhere else. All towns (with the exception of Montague) have stores that spawn generic items or special items only found in that specific store. 


At first glance, stores immediately stand out from houses. They have more or less rooms and/or a different layout, as well as a large label above the entrance notifying the player of the store's profession. There are a variety of stores, each of which contains special items corresponding to the store itself. Each town may have a standard collection of stores, though some may have more unique ones.

List of known stores/shops

  • Pharmacies are small medical shops that are supplied with blood bags, rags, dressings, vaccines, and other medical items.
  • Mechanic Shops hold various car items/car care items for your vehicle such as car jacks and gas cans.
  • Botanist shops contain seeds and rare fertilizers, this shop is only found currently in Alberton.
  • Food Marts and cafés are a type of shop that contains food and drinks.
  • The Gun Store is a store currently only found in Burywood which spawns militia grade items ranging from guns to maps.
  • Laundromats and Clothes stores contains, clothing items.
  • Gas stations have several gas pumps on the front and usually contain several junk foods and gas cans.
  • Meat Shops are pink buildings, with the word "MEAT" above the door. They spawn raw animal food and sometimes animal pelt.


  • Despite the fact that there are Doughnut stores, there is no doughnut food item in the game.