Submarine (1)
The sunken submarine is an unnamed location in the Washington map. A variety of ranger-grade items spawn around the submarine. It is an unfavorable loot location, as Heritage Valley offers more Militia loot (including Ranger weapons), is easier to find and the player is not at a risk of drowning. The submarine cannot be entered.


The Submarine was removed from PEI after release of the Washington map.

In the Washington map it is located to the left of Shelton Farm, in the middle of river's Y-intersection.

Another black submarine was added in the Russia map underneath the Oil Rig

The Submarine


  • The submarine is yellow. This may be a reference to the Beatles' song, "Yellow Submarine."
  • If you had the water setting on high before, you could actually see it from the beach.
  • The submarine may be Russian, because of the Ranger-grade loot around it.
  • There was a similar location near Scorpion-7, the Underwater Junk, which can sometimes be mistaken for the submarine itself on PEI, however the Submarine and Underwater junk have since then been removed.
  • After the Washington map has been released, the submarine has been removed from PEI.
  • You can see the submarine on the chart version of the map.