Summerside Military Base 3.0
Loot Spawns: Military
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: Medium

Summerside Military Base is a military location in PEI.


Summerside is the main military base in PEI. It has four towers (one in each corner), two barracks, a firing range, a helicopter pad, two small armories, and a crashed tank at the back of the base. The Mega Zombie spawns in front of the broken section of wall at the back.

Loot Spawns


Maplestrike Uncommon
Military Magazine Uncommon
Military Clothing Common
Smoke Grenade Common
Frag Grenade Common
Sandbag Common
Barbed Wire


Explosives Common
Desert Falcon Rare
Timberwolf Very Rare

The Summerside Military Base has item spawns in every building, tower, target and table. There are also item spawns near the tank. The only location where items do not spawn is next to the fuel tanks and next to the entrance.

Vehicle Rarity
APC 10-15%
Ural 25%
Armored Offroader


Military Offroader 50-55%
Transport Heli ?

The Summerside Military Base has 6 possible vehicle locations. One in the central road near the entrance, one near the tank, three in the three parking spaces closest to the entrance, and one on the helipad.


Buildings on the base

Aside these buildings, there are too: a crashed war tank and the four vigilance towers.


  • The Summerside Military Base is based on CFB Summerside. It was a military base in real life on Prince Edward Island (PEI). It was an Air Force Base, but it is now used as an airport.
  • Mega Zombies are found uncommonly in this location. Previously, they were extremely common, causing players to farm them for Experience.
  • Originally, there was a crashed military helicopter in the middle of the base.
  • The base had HESCO's for the walls and desert colored buildings before the update.

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