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The Syndicate is a rebel group in Unturned 3. Their only known presence is on the Germany map. Their base (on the Germany map) is located in the heart of Zugspitze Peak. The Syndicate and The Coalition know of each other; The Syndicate has, presumably, had a number of confrontations with The Coalition, building a rivalry between the two groups. The Syndicate has critiqued The Coalition, calling them "Greedy tryhards" after "stealing almost all of downtown (Berlin downtown) for themselves". The only known confrontation is The Syndicate's assault on The Coalition's compound in Berlin.

The Syndicate also seems to be somewhat anti government, saying "Everything's better with the government gone." They also say that they (The Syndicate) should not "sit idly" while they (The Coalition) attempt to steal fill its (The government's) place.

The Coalition calls The Syndicate a "rebel group" in all current story notes.

Known Information

The Syndicate's Note

Coalition Compound Raid Outline


Enough is enough. We're going to launch a three-pronged strike into the heart of the Coalition presence here kicking them out for good.


Team A

Due to dense walker presence in the city, they leave their blast doors closed so we're not getting in there. They bridge entrances are a different story, however -- they're left open the majority of the time. Your team will drive through both entrances simultaneously before they can react and provide covering fire from the overpass.


Team B

The sewer system is unguarded so your team can slip in and attack heavily armed with the element of surprise.\


Team C

You'll be posing as survivors taking refuge through the main city entrances. You won't be able to smuggle in many weapons, but when the chaos starts you'll be able to start the offensive from the inside.

Second Syndicate Note

Tensions are high with the Coalition ramping up it's presence in the area. Those greedy tryhards have almost finished stealing the entirety of downtown for themselves. Everything's better with the government gone - we can't sit idly by while they attempt to fill it's place.

The Coalition's Note

Coalition Intel Report


We're no closer to locating the local rebel group's base other than it must be near the mountain. They're evidently planning something big though -- I advise we remain on high alert and consider going on the offensive.