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ID 120(Forrest) • 121(Desert) • 137(Russia)
Seats 2
Forward 36kph
Backward 18kph
Brake 24
File Name Tank_[Type]
Special Cam_Follow_Distance 7.5 • Cam_Driver_Offset -0.0625 • Bumper_Multiplier 2 • Traction • LockMouse
Explosion 20
Exit 4

The Tank is a vehicle in Unturned 3. It comes in three variants, Desert, Forest, and Olive.

It has two seats, the driver seat and the turret operator's seat.


It spawns at Confederation Bridge on PEI, in any one of the collapsed tunnels at the edge of Washington, at Volk Military Base, Zavod, and Silo 22 in Russia


Disadvantages Advantages
Slower than most other vehicles. Tank Cannon does high amounts of damage.
Requires two players to operate for maximum damage. Driver is well protected from damage.
Turret operator is vulnerable to weapons. Can withstand a lot of damage.
Requires rare Missiles to fire. Has a weapon attached to the vehicle.
The driver has a very limited vision while not in the third-person. Tank does very high damage per-shot: Can destroy other tank in two shots.
Entity (Unturned 3)

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