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Item ID: 69
Item Type: Material
Inventory Space: 1 (1x1)
Examine Text: Sticky combination of ducts and ducks.

Tape is a common crafting material in Unturned found in construction areas.


Tape can be found at construction locations.

Crafting Recipes


  • The item description relates to the fact that many people refer to it as "Duck Tape", which is actually a common brand of duct tape. 
Gear (Unturned 3)

GearID List

Duct Tape

Item type: Supplies
Equipable? No
Stackable? Yes
Description: "?"

Duct Tape is a common supply in Unturned found in civilian locations, especially industrial locations.

Crafting recipes

How To Make



  • The 2.2.5 version item description "Ducks quack" refers to the common pronunciation of "Duct" as "Duck". When duct tape was first created, it was used for waterproofing and called, "Duck Tape." Later, it was used to fix ventilation shafts gaining the now frequently used "Duct Tape." Now, Duck Tape is a brand of duct tape. 

Unturned 3

Unturned Classic

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