Coalition Flag

The Coalition is an international paramilitary peacekeeping organization created during the outbreak to provide shelter for refugees from the apocalypse and reclaim zombie infested lands.

Although it is currently unknown how many other bases they own, they have several members based in Russia on board the Liberator. They once had control over the Oil Rig and Coalition Base in Russia, and the Coalition stronghold in Berlin, Germany. Some members are situated at the Unyielding HQ in Hawaii.

Known Members:

It is unknown who founded the Coalition, but the Coalition has worked directly with various governments in order to control the virus epidemic.

  • Russia: Russia joined the Coalition after the outbreak of the virus grew into a full-scale epidemic. In Russia, the Coalition was in control of an underground bunker east of Silo 22, and of the Russian Oil Rig. An AC-130 stationed in one of the hangars at Volk Military Base also seems to be owned by the Coalition. By the time the Liberator had arrived at the shore of Russia, the Oil Rig, Volk Military Base, and the Coalition bunker were all overrun by zombies.
  • Germany: It is unknown when Germany joined the Coalition, but the presence of the organization is much stronger in this region than in Russia. In Germany, the Coalition had control over a Coalition stronghold in downtown Berlin, entrances to which were blocked off with heavy gates. Block posts of the Coalition were placed around three major tunnels leading out of the country. The Stronghold was overrun by zombies as result of sabotage performed by the mysterious Syndicate, tunnel block posts are believed to have been overrun soon after the central base of the Coalition in the Stronghold has fallen. Current status of the Coalition in Germany is unknown.


Coalition Ranks:

The Coalition has six ranks:

  • Ensign — Soldier in a squad;
  • Lieutenant — Deputy to a Major;
  • Major — Leader of a squad;
  • Commander — Right hand of a Captain;
  • Captain — Leader of a contingent;
  • Admiral — Heads of state strategizing The Coalition's global offensive.


In order to achieve its goals, the Coalition utilizes a number of vehicles.


Even though the Coalition is capable of packaging weaponry from all over the world to send it to the survivors in the form of Carepackages, members of the Coalition are only personally equipped with a small variety of them.


  • The Coalition appears to use Navy officer ranks with the exception of the rank Major, which is an infantry and air force rank.