The One That Got Away

Location: Liberator
Given by: Wallace
Rewards: +50 Experience

+5 Reputation

The One That Got Away is a quest in Unturned 3. You must complete The Ultimate Fishing Rod in order to receive this quest from Wallace. The quest is given instantly after the previous quest was turned in.


If you happen to catch Wallace's nemesis the giant squid he'd love to see it! Keep in mind the chances are quite slim, it's very rare.


  1. Complete The Ultimate Fishing Rod quest.
  2. Use the Upgraded Fishing Rod and catch the Squid.
  3. Speak to Wallace and complete quest.

This quest is very time-consuming as the catch chance of the squid is 0.3%, which theoretically means that 3 out of 1000 attempts is how much it takes to catch it. When you finally catch it, Wallace will instead let you have it and give you a Maple Plaque to display it, while trying to find his new 'nemesis'. You have a free choice of doing what he suggest you could do or eat it (Better to cook it as well).



  • I caught it!! (Turn in quest.)
  • Glad to hear it

Blimey that's a big one! Good work matey, you take this plaque and display it proudly! (Quest completed.)

Me? There's plenty of fish in the sea. To be honest I find this relaxing, and a fresh catch gives Leonard some variety to work with. I'll find a new nemisis! *eyes smile* (Quest completed, continued.)