The Secret Snack

Location: Liberator
Given by: Chief Brian
Rewards: +75 Experience

+5 Reputation

The Secret Snack is a quest in Unturned 3.


Chief Brian is craving for a few doughnuts, but doesn't want to be seen to fit the police stereotype. He wants this kept on the down-low, you know hush hush.


  1. Speak to Chief Brian in the Liberator
  2. Bake 1 Doughnut
  3. Speak to Chief Brian again to complete quest.

This quest requires you to bake a Doughnut. Maple Syrup and Dough can easily be found in food stores as it is fairly common (Cities like Moscow have plentiful amounts of food stores like Doughnut Shop). Then create a Campfire and bake the ingredients into a Doughnut.

Alternatively you could buy the ingredients from Chef Leonard. He sells the exact ingredients to create a doughnut, though it costs 150 experience points to buy both ingredients (85 for Maple Syrup and 65 for Dough) and you have to get out of the Liberator to cook. As the quest pay off is only 75 Experience it is best not to buy the ingredients unless Reputation is the only thing that matters.


Good morning/afternoon, not sure which I haven't had my coffee yet.

  • Need any help?
  • I've got your dough.. evidence reports? (Turn in quest.)
  • Goodbye chief

That depends... Can you keep a secret?

  • You bet! (Show quest.)
  • Err I dunno...

Let's just keep this between the two of us. (Quest accepted.)

Mmm... Mmm... Mmmmmm... mmmmm! Thanks for your discretion, you're in my good books now! (Quest completed.)