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Tignish Farm

2015-09-19 00003
Location Type: Farm
Size: Small
House(s): 1
Barn(s): 1
Water Well(s): 1
Fuel Tank(s): 1

Tignish Farm is an agricultural location, placed south of Kensington Campground on the southeastern island. It is a close neighbor of Oulton Isle and is the fourth Farm on the PEI map. It replaced the Scorpion-7 Facility on September 18th of 2015.


Tignish Farm contains the following:

  • A house which spawns weapons, ammunition, and other items.
  • A barn which also spawns weapons, ammunition, and other items.
  • A well which allows players to refill their canteens without the need of going to the ocean.
  • A Gas Tank which allows players to refill their gas cans for refueling vehicles.
  • Vehicles like Trucks can spawn here.
  • A field that is a deadzone near the sign of Scorpion-7.


  • As stated above, Tignish Farm has replaced the Scorpion-7 Facility on PEI. As this particular facility was the only location on PEI known to spawn the Shadowstalker and its proprietary ammunition, it is unknown if the gun can still be found on this map.
  • The sign for the replaced Scorpion-7 facility can be found half-buried in the farm's large wheat field, it's assumed to be part of the story, because of Laura's Diary.
  • There is a very small chance for biohazard suits to spawn at the Scorpion-7 sign, making it the only spot on PEI where they spawn.

All building in the Farm

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