Tire 1451
ID 1451
Rarity Uncommon
Type Tool
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)



The Tire is an Uncommon Tool in Unturned 3. It is used to allow most Vehicles to move.

Tires can be destroyed off a Vehicle by damaging them with Weaponry or Caltrops.

If a Vehicle is missing one or more Tires, then it will become more difficult to handle, especially so depending on the location of the missing Tires.


Each individual Tire has an 85% chance to spawn attached to a Vehicle. Replacement Tires can be found as a part of the Gas spawn-group.



  • Surprisingly, Vehicles with better traction than others still use the same type of Tires.
  • Modern pneumatic tires are made of rubbers, fabric and wire, and chemical compounds such as carbon black. In-game, however, Tires can be salvaged into Metal Scrap.
    • It appears that rather than just being a tire, it is the entire wheel. This may explain why it can be salvaged for Metal Scrap.
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