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To: Area 51 is a note found in Olympia Military Base. It can be read in the cupboard of one of the buildings in the military base. It is a military note that was sent to an unknown location called 'Area 51', presumably the US Air Force base in Nevada, USA, for a transfer of files.

The recipient of that letter back at Area 51 then replies with a letter referred to as To: Olympia.


Area51 note2

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To: Area 51

From: Olympia

Please transfer over whichever files you have regarding the Polysol Federation.

Signature: General Harken

Date: May 21st



  • The note was sent to 'Area 51' from Olympia military base. Area 51 is a Unites States Air Force base located in Nevada, USA.
  • The 'Files' might be documents informing about a newly-found specimen of something, but it is still unknown what it's about.
  • The Polysol federation is likely the race of Aliens referred to in the To:Olympia note
  • It was written by General Harken, meaning he is a high-ranking officer in the army base.
  • The note was made on May 21st.


  • Polysol is a compound of Latin roots meaning "multi-sun", likely implying that the aliens (or whatever the Polysol Federation is) have settlements on multiple star systems.