To: Olympia is a note found in Washington. It is an AES encrypted message which cannot be read unless it's decrypted using the AES Key and an encryption tool. It can be read in a wrecked APC which is located in the wrecked military convoy on the road between Seattle and the bridge.

The letter is an answer to another letter referred to as To: Area 51.


2016-01-01 00003

To: Olympia

From: Area 51




Signature: Private Douglas

Date: May 23rd

Translated message

If the message is decrypted with the AES Key, the following text reads:

I looked them up in our database and unfortunately it seems like we don't have much outside of what they told us on 7/8/1947. Apparently they explore the universe simply observing and avoiding interference in less developed civilizations. Humanity is considered an ally because we rescued their scout ship. I've attached our other records and photos in a separate folder.


  • 'They' is likely referring to the alien Polysol Federation referenced in a note in Olympia Military base from the UFO which is a vehicle capable of space flight.
  • The aliens explore the universe just for simple observations and avoiding communications of developing civilizations. This implies that the aliens' race is at the stage of superior technology and that humans have yet to advance.
  • The aliens consider the human race as allies for saving their 'scout ship' which is likely the crashed UFO.
  • The person then says that the rest of the information and photos are located in a separate folder.
  • The writer's name is Private Douglas, meaning he is a low-ranked military soldier.
  • The date, 7/8/1947, is the date of the Roswell UFO crash. This means that the scout ship is likely the one that was seen crashing near the town on this date.