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Two trees on Prince Edward Island; a deciduous (top) and coniferous tree (bottom).

Location: Grassy areas
No. of Types: Maple, Birch and Pine
Tool(s) used to harvest entity: Any source of damage.
Drop(s): Logs and Sticks

Trees are a commonly found entities in Unturned on all maps. The trees can be cut down using various tools.


There are currently three types of trees: Maple, Birch and Pine. The Pine has two variations of itself, Default and Snowy. The Maple has two variations of itself, Default and Irradiated. Birch has two variations: Default and Autumn.

In Unturned Classic, trees may only be chopped down using any source of damage. When chopped down, they drop one to six logs and two to six sticks. Once a tree is chopped down, it will turn into a tree stump. It will respawn after a while.

In update, all trees were overhauled to have a more detailed model, with branches, roots, and birch markings on the birch trees.


Item name Rarity Amount
Log Common 2 - 6
Stick Common 2 - 6


  • Players commonly use Trees as camouflage, as the foliage covers anything behind it.

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