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  • discussion page Talk:Zombies
    new comment by Mr. Krovi 34 minutes ago
    Comment: What's the range that a zombie can hear a gunshot?
  • discussion page Talk:Bayonet
    new comment by Mr. Krovi 49 minutes ago
    Comment: Does the Overkill skill still affect the damage dealt with the bayonet?
  • discussion page Talk:Quests
    new comment by Mr. Krovi 59 minutes ago
    Comment: For the "Hunt for Jet Fuel" quest, do you need to plant horde beacons at Zavod, Volk, The Oil Rig, Silo 22 AND Sherayavo, or just Sherayavo?
  • edit Sabertooth
    edited by TWDSweden00 1 hour ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Hell's Fury
    new comment by IceGhostChan 1 hour ago
    Comment: Worst weapon ever. Yeah you will be gone in few seconds by atleast 1 person.

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