Nothing on this list is completely guaranteed to actually be implemented.

Unless otherwise mentioned, all of the information here was taken directly from the Unturned Roadmap. Other sources include Reddit, Twitter, Steam, Smartly Dressed Games' various websites, and Twitch streams.

The next update is planned to be version, which is currently available on the preview branch.

Planned Additions:


  • Increase max message length and number of visible lines at a time.[6]
  • Separate option to locally adjust scale of chat.[6]
  • Potentially allow overriding the display of player icons and reputation icons, and control over the various chat channels.[6]


  • "Buildable damage requested" event.[2]
  • Investigate how textures for skins are loaded, and candidates for reducing memory usage on large maps.[7]
  • Investigate a fix for the game currently only compiling correctly from inside Unity, so that it can be compiled from Virtual Studio.[8]
  • Fix various user interface scaling errors.[9][15]
  • Continuous integration.[10][11]
  • Melee option for stun threshold.[12]
  • Pool multiple AudioSource components.[14]

Curated Content:

  • New curated and timed curated content.[1]
    • The third major update to Greece that will add the full NPC quest lines, with a projected Spring release.
    • A France map as a permanent curation.
      • An FN FAL.
    • A timed curated Insane-size British Isles map.
    • A timed curated Rio de Janeiro map.
    • Curated Athens Arena map.
  • Old skins leave the item store after some amount of time.[13]
  • Improve tools for importing new skins.[13]


  • Improve the server list's use of space.[3]
  • Potentially a small icon on the server list item.[3]
  • A short, smaller, rich text string under the server's name.[3]
  • Allow workshop items to specify which servers are allowed to automatically download the content.[4]
  • Server-side option to override the death music.[5]


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