Nothing on this list is completely guaranteed to actually be implemented.

Updates are typically released on a Friday.

Planned Additions:


  • Update to Unity 2017.4.3f1.[1]

Curated Content:

  • New curated and timed curated content.
    • A timed curated Insane-size British Isles map by Romelete.
    • A timed curated Large-size Rio de Janeiro map by Nolan, Misterl212, and others. It will be available for three months.
      • A Christ the Redeemer statue.
      • A grenade launcher called the "Thumper."
      • A Tavor.

Potential Curated Maps:

Maps in this section are not yet confirmed to receive curation or timed curation as of yet, but are currently trying to acquire it.

  • A Belgium map as a timed curation.
    • An FN F2000 and an FN Ballista.
    • Belgian military vehicles.
    • Some interesting foods.
    • Various secrets and Easter eggs.
  • A Czechia map as a timed curation.
    • At least a CZ805, VZ58, Czech pistol, and Czech shotgun.
    • Prague Cathedral.
    • Various secrets and Easter eggs.


  1. "Re-investigate updating to a Unity LTS version".