ID 51 (Forest) • 55 (Desert) • 136 (Olive) • 147 (Coalition)
Seats 8
Forward 65 kph • 40 mph
Backward 27 kph • 17 mph
Brake 32
File Name Ural_[Type]
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Ural is a Rare Car in Unturned 3. It is a military transport vehicle, capable of carrying 8 players at a time. It can be found in forest, desert, olive, and Coalition variants.


Germany: The olive variant can be found at Military Locations. The Coalition variant is found at Coalition locations.

Hawaii: The Desert Ural spawns at Alika Base.

PEI: The Forest Ural spawns at Confederation Bridge and the Summerside Military Base.

Washington: The Desert Ural spawns at Olympia Military Base or at the military encampment outside the tunnel.

Russia: The olive variant spawns at St. Petersburg, near the tent covering the manhole that goes down into the metro.



  • The Ural has the second highest player capacity of all military vehicles, being able to carry 7 passengers and a driver.
  • The Desert Ural can be camouflaged quite easily in the dark due to its plain tan color, but is very visible in the light.
  • Has a high fuel capacity.
  • It is fairly fast, especially for a large vehicle.
  • People can shoot guns out of the back of the truck.


  • The Ural accelerates slowly.
  • Passengers are unprotected.


  • Due to a wheel physics bug in, by touching one of the front wheels of a Ural could send it flying and it wouldn't come down until an extensive time had passed.


  • The Ural can sometimes spawn in the ground at Confederation Bridge.
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