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This page contains removed content from Unturned. Anything on this page is no longer part of the game, so please keep this in mind while commenting or editing.


Location Type: Town (Harbor town)
Size: Medium
Zombie Population: High
Loot Content: Civilian and construction loot

Vancouver is a civilian location in Canada. It is a medium-sized town located on the far south east of the map.

Unique places

A harbor can be found on the coast of Vancouver along with a docked cargo ship, which makes it the only place to find them (With the exception of the wrecked cargo ship). This place contains construction items, making it useful for finding crafting materials.

There is a military tent which spawns military loot.


  • Vancouver is one of the towns that is based on a city in real-life, but not a province. This is also a case for Yellowknife, which is also based on a city.