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The Vault is a room that, at the time, is present only in the Bank and the Meat Shop. The bank vault sometimes spawns a civilian firearm, but in the meat shop vault there are fridges inside that can sometimes spawn raw foods and animal pelts. It is not a popular place to search, but a good source of farming food in the meat shop. It is special because of the one of a kind door that cannot be crafted, or found, anywhere else.


  • In both of the buildings, the vault is, strangely, open. Normally, in a bank, they wouldn't have an open vault in such proximity to the civilians.
  • The vault's interior is different in both buildings. The bank vault contains 9 deposit boxes, while the meat shop vault contains fridges.
  • The bank vault sometimes spawns a civilian firearm, while the meat shop vault will spawn items like animal pelts and raw foods.
  • It is unknown why a meat shop would use a vault to store food.


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