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Please note that this page is currently outdated.

This is not an official version history log. For the official list, please visit the version history page on Steam.



Version Publish Date Additions and Changes December 14, 2014


  • Added orange shirt. (ID 154)
  • Added orange tee. (ID 155)
  • Added orange parka. (ID 156)
  • Added purple hoodie. (ID 157)
  • Added purple shirt. (ID 158)
  • Added purple tee. (ID 159)
  • Added purple parka. (ID 160)
  • Added green hoodie. (ID 161)
  • Added green parka. (ID 162)
  • Added green shirt. (ID 163)
  • Added green tee. (ID 164)
  • Added red hoodie. (ID 165)
  • Added red parka. (ID 166)
  • Added red shirt. (ID 167)
  • Added red tee. (ID 168)
  • Added yellow hoodie. (ID 169)
  • Added yellow parka. (ID 170)
  • Added yellow shirt. (ID 171)
  • Added yellow tee. (ID 172)
  • Added blue hoodie. (ID 173)
  • Added blue parka. (ID 174)
  • Added blue shirt. (ID 175)
  • Added blue tee. (ID 176)
  • Added white hoodie. (ID 177)
  • Added white parka. (ID 178)
  • Added white shirt. (ID 179)
  • Added white tee. (ID 180)
  • Added black hoodie. (ID 181)
  • Added black parka. (ID 182)
  • Added black shirt. (ID 183)
  • Added black tee. (ID 184)
  • Added black bandana. (ID 185)
  • Added blue bandana. (ID 186)
  • Added green bandana. (ID 187)
  • Added orange bandana. (ID 188)
  • Added purple bandana. (ID 189)
  • Added white bandana. (ID 190)
  • Added yellow bandana. (ID 191)
  • Added black toque. (ID 192)
  • Added blue toque. (ID 193)
  • Added green toque. (ID 194)
  • Added orange toque. (ID 195)
  • Added purple toque. (ID 196)
  • Added red toque. (ID 197)
  • Added white toque. (ID 198)
  • Added yellow toque. (ID 199)
  • Added black daypack. (ID 200)
  • Added blue daypack. (ID 201)
  • Added green daypack. (ID 202)
  • Added orange daypack. (ID 203)
  • Added purple daypack. (ID 204)
  • Added white daypack. (ID 205)
  • Added yellow daypack. (ID 206)
  • Added designer jeans. (ID 207)
  • Added cowboy jeans. (ID 208)
  • Added cargo pants. (ID 209)
  • Added buds. (ID 210)
  • Added plaid shirt. (ID 211)
  • Added kahki pants. (ID 212)
  • Added corduroy pants. (ID 213)
  • Added trouser pants. (ID 214)
  • Added black sweatervest. (ID 215)
  • Added blue sweatervest. (ID 216)
  • Added green sweatervest. (ID 217)
  • Added orange sweatervest. (ID 218)
  • Added purple sweatervest. (ID 219)
  • Added red sweatervest. (ID 220)
  • Added white sweatervest. (ID 221)
  • Added yellow sweatervest. (ID 222)
  • Added police top. (ID 223)
  • Added police bottom. (ID 224)
  • Added police cap. (ID 225)
  • Added khaki shorts. (ID 226)
  • Added cargo shorts. (ID 227)
  • Added corduroy shorts. (ID 228)
  • Added trouser shorts. (ID 229)
  • Added chef top. (ID 230)
  • Added chef bottom. (ID 231)
  • Added construction top. (ID 232)
  • Added firefighter top. (ID 233)
  • Added firefighter bottom. (ID 234)
  • Added ghillie top. (ID 235)
  • Added ghillie bottom. (ID 236)
  • Added ghillie hood. (ID 237)
  • Added ghillie vest. (ID 238)
  • Added chef hat. (ID 239)
  • Added construction helmet. (ID 240)
  • Added firefighter helmet. (ID 241)
  • Added farmer top. (ID 242)
  • Added farmer bottom. (ID 243)
  • Added farmer hat. (ID 244)
  • Added Canadian flag.
  • Added all clothing types to zombies on Devtest.
  • Added ability for zombies to wear backpacks, masks and glasses.
  • Added ability to equip secondary items in the primary slot.
  • Improved editor spawn lists to default to the bottom after operations.
  • Gold members get shades instead of monocle.
  • Improved police vest model.
  • Melee weapons show up handle first on character.
  • Increased accuracy of Dragonfang.
  • Increased accuracy of Nykorev.
  • Disabled skeleton state replication.
  • Fixed a left handed gun crash.
  • Fixed taking bleeding damage immediately after getting hit.
  • Fixed planks not using saw.
  • Fixed crafting not updating when an item is removed.
  • Fixed pressing return when not in chat screen.
  • Fixed crash when picking up slot item when filled.
  • Fixed fire axe not being repairable.
  • Fixed long range monocle.
  • Fixed bug deleting zombie tables.
  • Fixed other players movement not resetting on client.
  • Fixed tactical light on minimum graphic quality. December 11, 2014
  • Added tactical laser. (ID 151)
  • Added tactical light. (ID 152)
  • Added 7x scope. (ID 153)
  • Added systems to support flashlights, lasers, other items like that.
  • Added new filters to the in-game server list.
  • Added server security mode info.
  • Added max distance to player group tag.
  • Added auto-movement from backpack to primary/secondary slot when picking up a weapon.
  • Added auto-equip to useables when picking up items without anything selected.
  • Added auto-wear to clothing when not wearing an item of that type.
  • Added red dot to halo sight.
  • Added accuracy improvement to scopes.
  • Improved in-game server list performance.
  • Disabled barrel hooks on some guns.
  • Fixed in-game server list showing servers outside the valid player range.
  • Fixed inventory losing track of current equipment.
  • Fixed collision existing on viewmodel.
  • Fixed a shotgun firing bug. December 10, 2014
  • Added bipod. (ID 143)
  • Added ranger suppressor. (ID 144)
  • Added horizontal grip. (ID 145)
  • Added red dot sight. (ID 146)
  • Added red halo sight. (ID 147)
  • Added red chevron scope. (ID 148)
  • Added military barrel. (ID 149)
  • Added military muzzle. (ID 150)
  • Added support for all attachments to affect things like spread, recoil and damage.
  • Added support for multi-caliber attachments, for example military silencer works on dragonfang.
  • Improved performance of initial inventory syncing significantly.
  • Improved appearance of red dot scope.
  • Increased zoom of red dot scope.
  • Decreased hunger/thirst rate slightly.
  • Reduced damage when using a silencer.
  • Fixed long range butterfly knife coloring.
  • Fixed some formatting issues with item amount.
  • Fixed fall damage with broken legs.
  • Fixed blocking objects such as hedges not being selectable in the editor.
  • Fixed networking being extra broken. December 9, 2014
  • Added dragonfang. (ID 132)
  • Added dragonfang box. (ID 133)
  • Added dragonfang iron sights. (ID 134)
  • Added golf club. (ID 135)
  • Added sledgehammer. (ID 136)
  • Added butcher knife. (ID 137)
  • Added hammer. (ID 138)
  • Added swiss knife. (ID 139)
  • Added butterfly knife. (ID 140)
  • Added saw. (ID 141)
  • Added rake. (ID 142)
  • Added recoil increase when a gun is more than 50% damaged.
  • Improved punchyness of secondary bat attack.
  • Replaced axe in recipes with saw.
  • Slightly reduced vehicle and log drops.
  • Fixed moving things walking in place.
  • Fixed zombies not detecting vehicles behind them.
  • Fixed reloading/attaching while in the inventory.
  • Fixed a clothing related crash.
  • Fixed a missing polygon on the inside of the Nykorev iron sights. December 8, 2014
  • Added zubeknakov. (ID 122)
  • Added ranger magazine. (ID 123)
  • Added zubeknakov iron sights. (ID 124)
  • Added ranger drum. (ID 125)
  • Added nykorev. (ID 126)
  • Added nykorev box. (ID 127)
  • Added nykorev iron sights. (ID 128)
  • Added snayperskya. (ID 129)
  • Added snayperskya magazine. (ID 130)
  • Added snayperskya sights. (ID 131)
  • Added metal ladders.
  • Added recoil reduction when crouched and prone.
  • Added shake reduction to grips.
  • Added message when no blueprints are available.
  • Added tons more info to the debug command in console which will be retrieved from big server owners over the next few days to really help find what needs to be optimized.
  • Improved zombie structure interactions.
  • Death music only plays when it wasn't a suicide.
  • Blueprints show up if it's repair or ammo when the item is present or if any ingredient is present when it's not that.
  • Decreased duration of visions.
  • Disabled building foundations on second floor.
  • Fixed inventory scrollbar.
  • Fixed hawkhound ammunition refilling.
  • Fixed several performance issues with zombies on client.
  • Fixed vehicle and player interpolation performance on client.
  • Fixed a performance issue with player movement on the server.
  • Fixed a performance issue with vehicles and zombies on the server.
  • Fixed serverside foundation.
  • Fixed hitmarker on vehicle when dead.
  • Fixed bush floating through loading screen. December 7, 2014
  • Added ace. (ID 107)
  • Added ace clip. (ID 108)
  • Added hawkhound. (ID 109)
  • Added hawkhound iron sights. (ID 110)
  • Added hawkhound magazine. (ID 111)
  • Added bluntforce. (ID 112)
  • Added shells. (ID 113)
  • Added bluntforce iron sights. (ID 114)
  • Added pink berry. (ID 115)
  • Added ranger ammunition box. (ID 119)
  • Added kitchen knife. (ID 120)
  • Added military knife. (ID 121)
  • Added pink berry bushes next to farm road.
  • Added randomized visions so every hallucination is different.
  • Added death music when music is enabled in menu.
  • Zombies take 1.25x more damage from behind.
  • Medium size objects block zombie vision.
  • Improved civilian ammunition box model.
  • Zombies investigate the source of an explosion.
  • Magazines no longer show up while reloading.
  • Improved item hitbox sizes to reduce physics issues.
  • Improved bat and hockey stick animations.
  • Bolt action rifles emit the casing when hammering the next round.
  • Removed buildables from Devtest loot.
  • Increased volume of internal suppressor.
  • Increased spread on honeybadger, reduced inventory size and brought into normal ID range.
  • No bleeding or broken bones on Easy mode.
  • Decreased critical sound volume slightly.
  • Fixed cancelling equip.
  • Fixed getting out of vehicle into map boundry.
  • Fixed magazine getting deleted when refilling other type.
  • Fixed double shooting with low firerate weapons.
  • Fixed chambering a bullet when no ammo was present.
  • Fixed schofield bullets poking out the bottom.
  • Fixed breaking legs when climbing on server.
  • Fixed music not disabling instantly on menu.
  • Fixed a server crash when blowing up vehicles.
  • Fixed empty objects getting registered as repairable.
  • Fixed a hotkey bug. December 6, 2014
  • Added oakbear. (ID 97)
  • Added oakbear magazine. (ID 98)
  • Added cobra. (ID 99)
  • Added cobra magazine. (ID 100)
  • Added schofield. (ID 101)
  • Added schofield iron sights. (ID 102)
  • Added schofield clip. (ID 103)
  • Added fire axe. (ID 104)
  • Added baseball bat. (ID 105)
  • Added hockey stick. (ID 106)
  • Added critical hitmarker noise.
  • Added ability to craft clothing into cloth, even backpacks.
  • Added ability to craft bandages and splints.
  • Added alleyway firestation roof access on Devtest.
  • Bleeding and broken legs are healed after 60 seconds in non-hard mode.
  • Improved wheel flight direction.
  • Reduced size of several crafting items.
  • Zombies cause bleeding damage in hard mode.
  • Repair blueprints are now more logical.
  • Fixed floating vehicles.
  • Fixed blood splats on resources.
  • Fixed muzzle flash position. December 5, 2014
  • Added tools to the editor for placing individual trees.
  • Added canned tomato soup. (ID 77)
  • Added canned chicken soup. (ID 78)
  • Added canned tuna. (ID 79)
  • Added canned cola. (ID 80)
  • Added MRE. (ID 81)
  • Added chips. (ID 82)
  • Added chocolate bar. (ID 83)
  • Added candy bar. (ID 84)
  • Added granola bar. (ID 85)
  • Added energy bar. (ID 86)
  • Added canned pasta. (ID 87)
  • Added canned bacon. (ID 88)
  • Added canned beef. (ID 89)
  • Added canned sardines. (ID 90)
  • Added apple juice. (ID 91)
  • Added grape juice. (ID 92)
  • Added bottled energy. (ID 93)
  • Added bottled coconut. (ID 94)
  • Added bandage. (ID 95)
  • Added splint. (ID 96)
  • Added bleeding when damaged by more than 25.
  • Added broken bones when falling more than 5.
  • Added spread reduction to grip.
  • Added a winter festive tree.
  • Added support for a different product from the source item's ID in blueprints.
  • Added ability to heal others again which was broken a while ago as part of the serverside stuff.
  • Improved chemicals model.
  • Disabled graduated recoil to give firearms more of a kick.
  • Decreased ADS spread with the Eaglefire.
  • Increased suppressor volume slightly.
  • Replaced muzzle flash with 2.0's due to popular request.
  • Fixed metal sheet looking like cloth.
  • Fixed "largetest" map included in last version, sorry it was meant to be deleted.
  • Fixed blowtorch on hip.
  • Fixed ammunition box amount.
  • Fixed mechanic shop made of metal.
  • Fixed glue name.
  • Fixed clientside removing wrong item.
  • Fixed some issues with clientside/serverside equipment syncing.
  • Fixed zombie collision with structure debris.
  • Fixed zombie detection with buildables.
  • Fixed zombie target direction when attacking buildables.
  • Fixed NATO supressor using wrong caliber.
  • Fixed an issue when attaching while performing an action.
  • Fixed bottom of water bottle.
  • Fixed firemode clicks playing across whole map.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting maps. December 3, 2014
  • Added ability to bake resources in a local area.
  • Added rope. (ID 64)
  • Added wire. (ID 65)
  • Added cloth. (ID 66)
  • Added metal scrap. (ID 67)
  • Added metal sheet. (ID 68)
  • Added tape. (ID 69)
  • Added glue. (ID 70)
  • Added nails. (ID 71)
  • Added can. (ID 72)
  • Added explosives. (ID 73)
  • Added bricks. (ID 74)
  • Added chemicals. (ID 75)
  • Added blowtorch. (ID 76)
  • Added metal scrap drops when a vehicle explodes.
  • Added a thread for the server console.
  • Added loading bar to the loading screen.
  • Improved loading screen to not freeze as much.
  • Improved material baking.
  • Improved caliber system and renamed all ammunition items.
  • Improved foundation model to stick less through stuff below it and seam better with floors underneat it.
  • Decreased capacity of ammunition boxes.
  • Disabled deleting Devtest map.
  • Disabled ability to build structures onto existing buildings.
  • Increased physical item vertical offset to help some collision issues.
  • Disabled ability to create insane size maps for now because they're too insane.
  • Fixed resources generating inside player spawns.
  • Fixed large brush draw distance in the editor.
  • Fixed loading the editor brush size.
  • Fixed repairing an item while having that item equipped.
  • Fixed taking off grips.
  • Fixed some items that had non-standard levels of detail.
  • Fixed the sun impacting the color of inventory icons.
  • Fixed receiver calls length error.
  • Fixed crafting while using an item.
  • Fixed an ammo bug when equipping guns.
  • Fixed server console saying player ran themself over.
  • Fixed (potentially) an issue with vehicle/explosion hit detection.
  • Fixed buildable window and doorway barricade width. December 1, 2014
  • Added grip slot for attachments.
  • Added weapon spread. Once a gun has < 50% quality it begins losing accuracy up to 0.5x as much accuracy.
  • Added force loss for melees. Once a melee has < 50% quality it begins losing damage up to 0.5x as much damage.
  • Added ability to configure durability per item.
  • Improved random numbers to generate the same on server and client.
  • Improved zombies to not falsely attack as easily.
  • Disabled durability on Easy mode.
  • Fixed dying with gold suit on.
  • Fixed stamina issue after jumping on server.
  • Fixed windows and doorways falling through ground.
  • Fixed some actions that could be performed while dead.
  • Fixed vehicles spawning when loading next to existing vehicles.
  • Fixed a crash when hosting maps with no navigation, vehicles or zombies. November 30, 2014
  • Added ability to repair items by crafting them with pants.
  • Added ability to combine magazines.
  • Added ability to control click blueprints to craft as many times as possible.
  • Added several more valid letters to the name filter such as {} [] ().
  • Added quality to guns and melees.
  • Added quality saving to clothing.
  • Added tooltips to blueprints.
  • Improved item pickup precision.
  • Reduced axe melee range.
  • Reduced draw distance of some objects.
  • Renamed silencer to supressor and slightly boosted volume to make room for future internally supressed weapons.
  • Fixed blueprints showing up when only a tool was present.
  • Fixed order of damage applied onto zombies.
  • Fixed putting barricades inside vehicles.
  • Fixed scopes using the wrong draw distances.
  • Fixed a vehicle flying bug.
  • Fixed melee death saying shot.
  • Fixed selecting materials painting black. November 29, 2014
  • Added all new wooden structure models to give a really authentic feel to your base.
  • Added height numeric values beside sliders.
  • Added physics destruction effects to structures.
  • Added physics destruction effects to wheels.
  • Added sound for crafting magazines.
  • Improved several server commands to use the recent list rather than the overall histroy.
  • Improved singleplayer gold mode option to show a lock.
  • Improved serverside player movement collision.
  • Improved vehicle death effects and fire only shows up at health = 0, not health < 10.
  • Disabled tree physics with physics option turned off.
  • Each buildable reflects the health of the resource it's made of.
  • Recipes that at least an element aren't present don't show up.
  • Removed fuel influence on explosion to avoid confusion.
  • Renamed to kph and mph.
  • Increased crafting volume.
  • Removed physics damage on non-items.
  • Fixed not being able to refill second magazine.
  • Fixed items regenerating multiple times without clearing old items.
  • Fixed most likely cause of vehicle underwater crash.
  • Fixed weapon attachments updating.
  • Fixed barricade outline while equipping.
  • Fixed empty magazines not coming back from search.
  • Fixed a bug when crafting items that didn't require tools.
  • Fixed a bug with rotated structures blocking zombies.
  • Fixed debris blocking bullets.
  • Fixed refilling empty magazines.
  • Fixed pine fortification name and description.
  • Fixed vehicles to use map max vehicles or spawn count, whichever is lower.
  • Fixed a crashing issue when refreshing bundles. November 28, 2014
  • Added crafting.
  • Added ammo boxes for refilling magazines.
  • Added material variants of every barricade and structure.
  • Added several crafting items.
  • Added slight physics movement when hitting items and corpses.
  • Zombies get bored of players who swim underwater.
  • Improved editor selection interface visibility.
  • Increased head swivel distance when looking out vehicle window.
  • Increased zombie damage on hard, reduced on easy.
  • Increased weapon damage on hard, reduced on easy.
  • Increased detection radius on hard, reduced on easy.
  • Changed the way game tags are requested. Might break server browser?
  • Fixed invisible inventory when equipping.
  • Fixed km/h spelling.
  • Fixed a server error with headlights.
  • Fixed teleporting players while in vehicles.
  • Fixed death messages in dedicated server. November 24, 2014
  • Added nodes tab to editor, which for now is just locations. In the future it will contain other types of special events/spawns/etc.
  • Added ability as server admin to teleport to location by name. For example: @teleport playername/town or @teleport playername/farm
  • Added easy and hard mode to server filters and singleplayer menu.
  • Added player dashboard with inventory and information tabs. Information tab shows player list and map.
  • Added map interface that shows you and your group mates. This DOES NOT show up in hardcore mode.
  • Added server-side death messages. (for now)
  • Added ability to take map-wide orthographic picture in editor pause menu. (Saves to Map.png in level folder.)
  • Added ability to access inventory regardless of current action.
  • Added any mode filter to server list.
  • Improved underwater vehicle respawning.
  • Disabled skills on menu until they're implemented to avoid confusion.
  • Reduced footstep volume slightly.
  • Menu music doesn't play if it's already played.
  • Modified Unity's terrain shader to disable annoying black shading on grass.
  • The server console shows chat commands as well.
  • Water extends to the skybox limit.
  • Map size labels are descriptive rather than measurements.
  • Reduced vertical offset for exiting surrounded vehicles.
  • Fixed getting into a vehicle freezing the player.
  • Fixed inventory animation when sitting.
  • Fixed some file storage issues.
  • Fixed navigation sticking to water.
  • Fixed attempting to swap stance when standing in water.
  • Fixed entering water in a non-standing stance.
  • Fixed game mode on loading screen.
  • Fixed ping box color on the server list.
  • Fixed navigation flag editor colliding with itself.
  • Fixed impact effects being ridiculously large.
  • Fixed bottom of chopped tree on highest level of detail.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the crazy rubberbanding issue caused by the last update.
  • Fixed resources spawning underground. November 22, 2014
  • Added the ability to harvest trees.
  • Added some glass models to the editor.
  • Improved memory useage significantly between client/server.
  • Improved collider performance by only loading navigation inside navigation areas on server.
  • Bug reports leads to a post about how to report properly.
  • Improved networking performance for effects.
  • Improved all respawn systems.
  • Removed render cap on roads, although it is still recommended to not make them too long.
  • Brought info label up to date.
  • Fixed player collision.
  • Fixed driving dead vehicles.
  • Fixed a loading screen bug.
  • Fixed a bug standing near the edge.
  • Fixed engine not updating when swapping seats.
  • Fixed headlights staying on when exploded.
  • Fixed vehicles getting misreferenced.
  • Fixed not being allowed into underwater vehicles.
  • Fixed turning feeling slugish. November 20, 2014
  • Added vehicle destruction.
  • Added ability to stack on top of other players.
  • Added armor multipliers to clothing for players and zombies.
  • Improved speed syncing.
  • Increased rate of breathing after exiting water.
  • Going underwater in a vehicle no longer forces all players out.
  • Fixed hitbox bounds not getting shifted while driving.
  • Fixed damaging structures.
  • Fixed a packet owner issue.
  • Fixed baking details.
  • Fixed some bugs with zombies. November 18, 2014
  • Added structure building.
  • Added new systems to help improve hit detection.
  • Added ability for zombies to trap players.
  • Improved responsiveness and multiplayer movement to be less jittery.
  • Improved picking up items syncing to hopefully eliminate any cases of wrongful pickup or unable to pickup.
  • Improved car idle sitting animation.
  • Reduced volume of zombie idle audio.
  • Fixed zombies not reacting to shots.
  • Fixed fuel/barricades not getting the same ray direction.
  • Fixed a bug with the hit detection.
  • Fixed zombies playing audio when dieing.
  • Fixed ignition audio when the vehicle is out of fuel.
  • Fixed zombies getting lost when standing near a wall.
  • Fixed axes and fuel cans not being visibily useable.
  • Fixed refilling vehicles that were already full.
  • Fixed zombies having bad barricade attention spans.
  • Fixed a swimming bug.
  • Fixed a region updating issue.
  • Fixed crash when run over car with no driver.
  • Fixed editor selection resetting when searching. November 16, 2014
  • Added barricade system and two types of barricades.
  • Added chatrate command to limit speed of chat.
  • Added new file saving systems for the level for faster saving/loading, old levels are converted when saved.
  • Added dynamic versions of impacts for vehicles and buildables.
  • Improved hitmarker images and added vehicle/building hitmarker.
  • Improved vehicle running over hit detection and added the ability to run over backwards.
  • Improved server responding to region requests to hopefully fix some desync issues.
  • Renamed ammunition to just its caliber to avoid confusion.
  • Reduced max players to 12 to provide a smoother experience until more optimizations are put in place.
  • Increased vehicle audio range.
  • Fixed hands being sticky not letting go of items after use.
  • Fixed angles breaking in some situations.
  • Fixed some mishaps that occured when an item was deleted.
  • Fixed running players over in PvP.
  • Fixed manipulating objects outside the objects tab.
  • Fixed an object saving issue.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the cause of floating alongside the vehicle.
  • Fixed serverside calculation of vehicle speed.
  • Fixed ignition playing when a passenger got in or out.
  • Fixed console text encoding being different from game.
  • Fixed (hopefully) Valve's output showing up in standard output such as TCP socket creation. November 15, 2014
  • Added support for navmesh cutting on multiple navmeshes allowing really cool new features regarding zombies and barricades.
  • Added large, medium and small filters in the objects tab.
  • Added ability to open inventory when swimming.
  • Added logging for editor saving to help narrow down issues.
  • Improved performance significantly when dragging-selecting in the editor.
  • Improved default map lighting conditions.
  • Removed dependencies that prevented 3.0 servers from working on Linux. For now Mac/Linux servers are missing the ability to use the console, but this will be resolved with the addition of remote console support.
  • Removed extra click sampling since it was just trouble.
  • Fixed dequipping a gun right after firing.
  • Fixed vehicle savedata transfering between maps.
  • Fixed several cases where the movement could get out of sync.
  • Fixed location of player savedata.
  • Fixed looking around serverside in the vehicle.
  • Fixed grayscale effect in the character screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the items would get out of sync.
  • Fixed hitbox in vehicle.
  • Fixed not being able to move after respawning in a vehicle.
  • Fixed running over players.
  • Fixed idle animation when climbing.
  • Fixed a bug with saving huge numbers of extra long roads.
  • Fixed a spelling error making vehicles unable to fill with fuel to the max.
  • Fixed vehicles sliding all over the place when nobody is inside.
  • Fixed flicker when asking to equip an item and not allowed.
  • Fixed engine noise when out of fuel.
  • Fixed hit detection breaking when shooting out of a car.
  • Fixed swimming backwards when facing downwards into the water.
  • Fixed water being really dark at midnight. November 18, 2014
  • Added vehicles. (ID 1)
  • Added gas cans. (ID 28)
  • Fixed respawning resulting in player flying around.
  • Fixed movement slowing down when walking down short slopes.
  • Fixed being unable to take pants off.
  • Fixed getting out of turned vehicles putting players underground.
  • Fixed cars not moving on the server.
  • Fixed some issues with audio distance.
  • Fixed a bug with unscoping constantly when low framerate.
  • Fixed a bug with the screen resizing to no size.
  • Fixed locked items being spawned with the give command and editor.
  • Fixed adding invalid clothing to zombies in the editor.
  • Fixed zombie loot after removing an item table. November 12, 2014
  • Added half-finished vehicles.
  • Added way better object tools in the editor.
  • Added support for randomly colored props. Simply add the Painted attribute to an object.
  • Added imperial/metric option.
  • Added packet debug information in-game and with the debug command
  • Added system to allow firerates higher than the tickrate.
  • Added food spawn table to Devtest grocery store.
  • Improved appearance of fog especially at night.
  • Improved appearance of all physics related objects.
  • Improved mouse input sampling to not miss a click.
  • Improved movement to slow down when climbing slopes.
  • Improved efficiency of input packets.
  • Improved the impact effects.
  • Improved audio balancing and playback to be more spatially logical.
  • Improved copy/paste system.
  • Fixed leaning through walls.
  • Fixed a bug with copy and pasting.
  • Fixed a bug with moving objects in the editor.
  • Fixed viewmodel loading in before clothing.
  • Fixed a hit detection issue.
  • Fixed swapping equipped item to force equip.
  • Fixed equipping item causing a shot to fire or punching.
  • Fixed a collision issue with ladders.
  • Fixed a redundancy in the look angle networking.
  • Fixed a bug with the help command.
  • Fixed attachments not updating on the back.
  • Fixed lighting to only update after fully loading.
  • Fixed a packet conflict.
  • Fixed ping showing incorrect values in singleplayer after multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to put primary into secondary slot and vice versa.
  • Fixed an animation error.
  • Fixed a bug with movement of far away players.
  • Fixed a crash when loading the menu after editing water.
  • Fixed a pointless dependancy with the water.
  • Fixed some spots where zombies could get stuck.
  • Fixed server loophole with primary and secondary items.
  • Fixed one of the bugs that prevented equipping items after dieing.
  • Fixed edge of water appearance. November 8, 2014
  • Added audio to everything in the game.
  • Added punching.
  • Added climbing.
  • Added swimming above and underwater.
  • Added leaning.
  • Added footsteps.
  • Added damage impacts.
  • Added infection when hit by zombies.
  • Added ability to change visiblity of map borders.
  • Added undo/redo for objects and terrain. (Ctrl-Z to undo and Ctrl-X to redo.)
  • Added all new packet batching system and implemented with some parts of the item and zombie systems. This should really improve networking performance once it is fully integrated.
  • Zombies now detect players when sprinting regardless of whether they're behind them.
  • Improved water appearance.
  • Improved format welcome message to display player name. {0} will be replaced with their name now.
  • Fixed hotkeys accidentally displaying past nine.
  • Fixed green couch being replaced by red couch.
  • Fixed birch tree hitbox.
  • Fixed slay command help text.
  • Fixed one of the causes of connection loss.
  • Fixed a crash when damaging the ground. November 3, 2014
  • Added tons of new customization options.
  • Added left handed characters and animations.
  • Added Gold suit.
  • Added clothing tab.
  • Added hair property to masks, glasses and hats.
  • Added ability for zombies to jump fences.
  • Ragdolls replicate the skeleton's animation state.
  • Optimized clothing bandwidth.
  • Fixed hit detection when standing still.
  • Fixed navigation on several objects. November 3, 2014
  • Added new AI systems to allow zombies to jump through windows.
  • Added collision and navigation version of every model to improve performance and allow areas to be cut off the navmesh.
  • Added some new measures to prevent ESP hacks.
  • Added the ability to swap items places in inventory.
  • Added the ability to equip an item to replace existing primary/secondary item.
  • Added wraparound snapping to the inventory.
  • Added warnings when an object is missing navigation or collision data.
  • Added support for bullet penetrable objects such as wire fences.
  • Heavily optimized what the server loads to maximize memory useage and performance.
  • Improved pickup animation.
  • Improved bandwidth.
  • Reduced fall speed.
  • Increased hitbox size of small items to make them easier to pick up.
  • Increased width of navmesh to make it easier for zombies to move around.
  • Increased all LOD distances.
  • Increased server physics rate in preperation for vehicles.
  • Decreased rate of starvation and dehydration.
  • Fixed a hit detection issue when moving and firing.
  • Fixed clicking on primary/secondary on character dequiping an item.
  • Fixed a bug where primary and secondary would still show up on character after dieing.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the server repeating itself with zombies.
  • Fixed a bug where the primary would not be updated when dragging out.
  • Fixed animation jitter on client when players/zombies started and stopped moving.
  • Fixed a bug with the menu clothing.
  • Fixed objects that did not have a numerical suffix.
  • Fixed a crash when joining servers. November 1, 2014
  • Added grouping functionality. Join a group in the survivors tab to benefit.
  • Added ability to take clothes off by clicking on player. (Way better than 2.0!)
  • Added ability to put clothes on by dragging onto player.
  • Added ability to dequip items by clicking on player.
  • Added ability to equip items by dragging onto player.
  • Added ability to drop items by clicking out the grid.
  • Added ability to hold control while clicking on an item to equip, dequip or drop it.
  • Added some new connection cleanup features to hopefully increase server performance.
  • Added day and night commands. (Easy shortcut to Time command.)
  • Added basic boulder and tunnel models.
  • Added caved-in tunnel to the Devtest map.
  • Added new character customization retrival system that fixes several loading issues, improves performance and opens loads of new future possibilites.
  • Improved appearance of inventory items by removing button backdrop.
  • Replaced kill command with slay. (Kills and permanently bans.)
  • Items can be dequipped by clicking dequip when an item is selected in the inventory.
  • Selected items are no longer dequipped when dragging into the same slot.
  • The map borders are scaled with map size so that 512x512 maps are not really impacted, however the border exists so that when skyboxes are implemented there is a nice transition between the inside and outside of the level.
  • Increased crate draw distance.
  • Fixed stamina to remain synced between server and client.
  • Fixed one of the major causes of the remaining rubberbanding in multiplayer.
  • Fixed stance changes to be handled on the server properly fixing infinite stamina exploits.
  • Fixed voice chatting after tabbing out.
  • Fixed being able to voice chat while dead.
  • Fixed all zombie spawnspoints changing color when editing one.
  • Fixed a bug with old clothing being duplicated.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the player skeleton.
  • Fixed a bug with physics related to clothing.
  • Fixed several bugs with the inventory system.
  • Fixed asking the server to dequip.
  • Fixed a crash when pressing road keys with no road selected.


Version Publish Date Additions and Changes October 27, 2014
  • Added some new tools to profile the server which will allow some crazy optimizations!
  • Added new systems to make zombies not congo-line quite as much.
  • Added new singleplayer item respawn system that functions similarly to the singleplayer zombie respawns.
  • Added volume propety to barrels.
  • Optimized animation performance.
  • Optimized server-side hitboxes.
  • Optimized server-side physics.
  • Optimized some performance issues caused by lag compensation.
  • Reduced volume of silencer.
  • Fixed zombie respawning system going way too fast.
  • Fixed zombies respawning near other zombies in multiplayer.
  • Fixed zombies not damaging players due to a quick patch from last night.
  • Fixed zombies sometimes wandering away and then becoming impossible to alert.
  • Fixed dedicated servers not correctly loading zombie data.
  • Fixed a crash with the chat.
  • Fixed a crash related to zombie movement. October 26, 2014
  • Added PvP command.
  • Added PvE command.
  • Added entirely new zombie spawning system for singleplayer that dramatically improves performance (especially on large maps) and doesn't respawn zombies near the player.
  • Zombies wander away when a player leaves them behind.
  • Added the Red Dot Scope.
  • Added new death screen.
  • Added cause of death information.
  • Added extra fallbacks in case of missing files.
  • Seperated input simulation from physics update rate.
  • Improved physics and ragdoll quality.
  • Improved zombie performance and ability to move around the environment.
  • Improved zombie clothing generator to allow shirt/pants chance parameter.
  • Improved editor painting tools especially when painting in areas with objects.
  • Blood splatters in the same direction as the damage applied.
  • Increased navigation graph accuracy.
  • Increased zombie spawn and respawn rate.
  • Increased distance between 8x scope and camera.
  • Reduced amount of blur.
  • Reduced volume of menu music.
  • Fixed desync caused by going prone and out quickly.
  • Fixed the server-side aim not syncing with the dual render scopes.
  • Fixed a bug that submerged the map in water.
  • Fixed zombie loot table field.
  • Fixed zombies walking down slopes.
  • Fixed editing bounds area of maps.
  • Fixed breaking tables buttons when no table exists.
  • Fixed ragdoll when mauled by a zombie.
  • Fixed a crash caused by dead zombies.
  • Fixed dryer hitbox.
  • Fixed spelling of successfully in a ton of files.
  • Fixed savedata getting included in the Shared depot. October 25, 2014
  • Added new visualizations of the map borders and navigation.
  • Added moon cycles updating in-game.
  • Added blood option.
  • Added options for zombie loot table and chance of clothing.
  • Improved navmesh saving system to take less time and only save when a change is made.
  • Improved navmesh generation quality.
  • Increased IP field max limit to 64.
  • Increased length of hitmarker.
  • Tweaked amount of recoil.
  • Increased nighttime brightness to make it more fun.
  • Increased map border width.
  • Fixed a silly bug that broke hit detection in some situations especially with melee.
  • Fixed timing of damage with strong melee swing.
  • Fixed player to only be visible after clothing is loaded.
  • Fixed being able to chance stances while midair. (Sprint jumping is still allowed.)
  • Fixed getting locked when respawning or teleporting.
  • Fixed some cases where the loading screen would disappear before loading was done.
  • Fixed death screen to be black and white.
  • Fixed gun audio to not play only in the right speaker.
  • Fixed Steam name to update when on the menu and editing externally.
  • Fixed road textures stretching out at long range.
  • Fixed server and client stance getting out of sync when respawning.
  • Fixed scopes to spawn.
  • Fixed flickering of bullet holes.
  • Fixed scope sensitivity when dequipping while aiming.
  • Fixed time and cycle commands to take immediate effect in singleplayer.
  • Fixed spelling of suppressor. October 18, 2014
  • Added pathfinding tab to the editor.
  • Added zombies tab to the editor.
  • Added visibility tab to the editor.
  • Added bind command to assign an internal IP to the server.
  • Added viewmodel shake when dropping from up high.
  • Added explanation to all commands that can be viewed with Help [CommandName].;Improvements
  • Removed staying scoped in when firing a bolt rifle due to popular demand.
  • Unlimited roads can now be placed.
  • All the move keys are tool_2 rather than a mix.
  • Increased reflection resolution slightly.
  • Fixed a crash that kicked all players.
  • Fixed hitbox when a player respawned.
  • Fixed aiming movement multiplier.
  • Fixed a bug when spawning objects in the editor. October 16, 2014
  • Added far superior hit detection system.
  • Added new read/write system to allow even larger file sizes and unlimited objects, trees and spawns in the editor.*
  • Added all new packet routing system to resolve crazy multiplayer issues.
  • Added graphics option for scope quality. (Recommend high.)
  • Added temporary lock when a prediction error occurs.
  • Added more letters to the valid set.
  • Changed hashing to require less performance.
  • Players don't show up until they're fully loaded.
  • Increased draw distance of roads significantly.
  • Decreased buffer size of network/smaller writes.
  • Decreased ping samples and increased sample rate.
  • Fixed fog to draw in the dual render scope.
  • Fixed swapping stance insanely fast.
  • Fixed movement jitter when changing stance.
  • Fixed a crash loading lists.
  • Fixed a method relay issue in singleplayer.
  • Fixed using commands on the server.
  • Fixed singleplayer inventory UI updating on death.
  • Fixed a bug with equipping items.
  • Fixed position interpolation for other clients.
  • Fixed a performance issue with scopes.
  • Fixed another inventory UI bug.
  • Fixed equipping items when the server finished an action first.
  • Fixed default water height. (Keep in mind you can change it in Lighting.) October 14, 2014
Fixes October 11, 2014
  • Added new positiontal correction system to reduce wrongful checks.
  • Added better clientside view interpolation to fix jittery movement.
  • Added seaside and cliffside audio.
  • Improved max quality water performance.
  • Improved simulation performance.
  • Improved ping display to take more than one sample.
  • Swapped input packets to send instantly as UDP. -
  • Reduced volume of silencer.
  • Increased width of filing cabinet.
  • Fixed inventory state updating, such as reload not applying in singleplayer.
  • Fixed removing items from the inventory.
  • Fixed using items after already starting using them.
  • Fixed a copy paste bug in the editor.
  • Fixed most likely cause of slow motion bug.
  • Fixed most likely cause of "teleporting to other players" bug.
  • Fixed hashing of SDG namespace.
  • Fixed clouds clipping into the sun and moon. October 11, 2014
  • Added drum magazine.
  • Added firerate property to guns.
  • Added parking line model for lots.
  • Added ping to FPS debug.
  • Added black and white near death effect.
  • Improved style of inventory icons.
  • Resources are saved with higher position position which fixes a tree position bug and opens the possibility for tree placement tools.
  • Resource placement is now affected by material chance and overgrowth.
  • The most full magazine is chosen to reload.
  • Empty magazines don't show up in the attachment list.
  • Reduced default ping kick to 750ms.
  • Removed tickrate command.
  • Fixed a crash on maps with no item spawns.
  • Fixed an inventory loading bug.
  • Fixed inventory open animation. October 5, 2014
  • Added new tree and bush models.
  • Added new rocks and flowers.
  • Added region system to items.
  • Added item respawning.
  • Improved movement adjustment.
  • Improved tree rotation distinction.
  • Improved tree file storage.
  • Reduced silencer volume.
  • Changed height/steepness to sliders.
  • Raised max level height due to popular demand.
  • Fixed inventory when prone.
  • Fixed standing up area check.
  • Fixed details appearing under the ocean.
  • Fixed a crash related to attachments.
  • Fixed controls not saving.
  • Fixed a singleplayer kick issue.
  • Fixed items not spawning when there was an empty table.
  • Fixed a bug causing poor performance. ( October 4, 2014
  • Added first basis for server side input.
  • Added silencer audio.
  • Added recoil multipliers to the vertical grip.
  • Added localization support for Equip and Drop buttons.
  • Added jump key binding.
  • Added new higher accuracy server time syncing system.
  • Added ping information to clients and investigate commands.
  • Added timeout command to server. (Ping threshhold.)
  • Removed unnecessary information from various player commands. All information for a player is available with the investigate command.
  • Hotkeys no longer show on unequipable items.
  • Equip button no longer shows up in inventory when selecting inequipable items.
  • Increased networking precision of look direction to allow proper aim calculation server side.
  • Fixed playerlist savedata overflowing the buffer.
  • Fixed dragged item getting selected.
  • Fixed UI to rebuild 0.1s after the screen resizes.
  • Fixed firemode swapping after changing state.
  • Fixed some display issues with the investigate command. October 2, 2014

The attachment and ammunition system is now functional in-game, however the silencer and the vertical grip do not do anything yet.


Version Publish Date Additions and Changes September 30, 2014
  • Added message when the server shuts down.
  • Added mouse invert toggle.
  • Added increased FOV when sprinting.
  • Added start of gesture system with inventory and pickup animations.
  • Improved server side anti-piracy.
  • Improved flatten tool to use a height slider. You can still use E to sample height.
  • Fixed suicide button not working.
  • Fixed pine bark darkness.
  • Fixed stamina to only go down when moving and sprinting.
  • Fixed the server receiving old packets after death.
  • Fixed another bug related to rubberbanding. September 29, 2014
  • Added new water shader and configuration.
  • Added FOV slider.
  • Added FPS counter.
  • Added steam cloud savedata output to help debug some reported issues.
  • Added DNS support to the connect field.
  • Decreased max level height.
  • Swapped singleplayer listen port to 25000.
  • Fixed several UI issues caused by clearing maps.
  • Fixed resource baking putting inside buildings.
  • Fixed singleplayer showing up on the internet list.
  • Fixed closing inventory when clicking equip.
  • Fixed stars with low draw distance.
  • Fixed collision in store coolers.
  • Fixed failed to find a server message.
  • Fixed connection info through exterior master server.
  • Fixed missing map message. September 28, 2014
  • Added singleplayer into 3.0. - Much testing needed.
  • Added default settings to new maps.
  • Added invisible barriers around the map.
  • Added random scaling to resources.
  • Added icons to level buttons.
  • Added filters for passworded and dedicated servers.
  • Added ping info to in-game server list.
  • Improved the way that clouds are drawn.
  • Split apart road and path savedata.
  • Increased maximum player fall speed.
  • Increased spawn rate of all items on Devtest map.
  • Increased foliage quality on high and reduced quality on low.
  • Increased physical recoil on AR32.
  • Reduced max players to 24 for the mean time.
  • Fixed server filters in-game to use 100% master server.
  • Fixed black texture borders around the map.
  • Fixed connecting to dot decimal notation IPs outside of the game.
  • Fixed IP field to accept only 4 bytes.
  • Fixed crashes with connect button.
  • Fixed major rubberbanding, some fixes still needed.
  • Fixed spawning in levels with no player spawnpoints.
  • Fixed item drag offset when scrolled down. September 27, 2014
  • Added all new brush system to allow painting/terraforming along the edges of the map.
  • Added messages for short name, long name and number name.
  • Added messages for issues pre-joining a server.
  • Added information about the server on the loading screen.
  • Added password icon on the server list.
  • Added support for all numeric hotkeys.
  • Added item names to item tooltips.
  • Added a safeguard against spawning under the map after a terrain height change.
  • Added Detective Riley billboard.
  • Increased mesh quality at longer ranges.
  • Changed the default mesh quality to medium.
  • Map command is case sensitive.
  • Fixed servers not showing up on the in-game list.
  • Fixed clicking edit on maps made by other people.
  • Fixed the most likely cause of items sometimes stacking on top of one another.
  • Fixed virus showing up as 100%.
  • Fixed the most likely cause of the D3D handle loss.
  • Fixed the roads to show up in large objects category. September 26, 2014
  • New main menu.
  • Character slots.
    • Gold members can have 5 character slots.
  • 10 different personalities.
  • Added Devtest map as a placeholder for the upcoming Canada map.
  • New in-game editor.
  • Added the AR32
  • New inventory system (replacing the weight system)
    • Items fill in more slots depending on its size.
    • Some article of clothing grant a small amount of inventory space.
  • Added the Daypack.
  • Players can now wear 3 different kinds of headwear (Head, face and neck)
  • Added item physics.
  • Added ragdoll effect.
  • Changed item icons.
  • Retextured the world.

Please note that this page is currently outdated.

This is not an official version history log. For the official list, please visit the version history page on Steam.


Version Publish Additions and Changes
2.2.4 August 8, 2014
  • Miscellaneous Anti-Cheat fixes
2.2.3 August 3, 2014
  • More rocks in areas that previously had none.
  • Ability to mute players by clicking on their name in player list and selecting "Mute".
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


Version Publish Date Additions and Changes
2.2.2 July 31, 2014
  • Added some extra fail safes that may fix the damage bug experienced on large servers.
  • Removed barbs from electric fences to explain why the power needs to be on.
  • Fixed a few more obnoxious exploits
  • Fixed not being able to harvest on the current dedicated servers.
  • Fixed windows saying that the game always had a possible update.
2.2.1 July 29, 2014
  • Added the ability to siphon gas from cars that have at least one can of gas in them.
  • Added several more boulders.
  • Fixed the sun to rise in the east.
  • Fixed some potential exploits.
2.2.0 July 26, 2014
  • Other Additions:
    • Mac Support
    • You can now rotate your ramp when focusing at the side of an existing platform
  • Steam Networking: (not in the public branch)
    • The Steamworks multiplayer is now close to being 1:1 with the Unity networking, but I'll still have to do a bit more work today/tomorrow to create systems for owning objects like the player
2.1.9 July 25, 2014
  • Fixed armor reversal bug on multiplayer
  • Fixed cheated skills going onto synced servers
  • Fixed holding Backpacks overhead
2.1.8 July 24, 2014
  • New Recipes:
  • Other Additions:
    • Added the ability to run the game in offline mode
    • Added link to the patch notes on the title screen
  • Fixed swapping Backpacks with equipped items
  • Fixed melee range exploit
  • Fixed invisible empty Crates
Additional Information
  • Steam Networking: (not in the public branch)
    • "For those who don't know, right now my top priority is reworking the networking to use Steam game servers. This means replacing all of the existing network code with a completely different way of doing things that will allow dedicated servers, use of the server list and other neat features.
    • At this point I have mostly wrapped the Steamworks networking in a way that can make use of the existing remote procedure call system, but it could still use some polishing over the next couple days. This is a big step because it will be the component that all of the existing networking will communicate with.
    • The next step, after optimizing and improving this system, is to work on getting Unturned Steam servers onto a testing branch for you guys!" - Nelson Sexton
2.1.7 July 22, 2014
2.1.6 July 20, 2014
  • Changed player draw distance to the same as world props
  • Renamed keys to controls since some people found it confusing
  • Fixed inventory loading bug (Thanks to Dakotaz for providing savedata!)
  • Fixed Crate loading bug
  • Fixed aiming with no sights on the Timberwolf and Mosen
  • Fixed Binoculars going upside down on low field of view
  • Fixed floating grill at the park
Additional Information
  • Steam Networking: (not in the public branch)
    • "The server console features an easily expandable command system, and all the commands can be executed through run-time arguments for use on a server box! Right now I can't easily work on the low level networking due to a bug in Steamworks.NET, but rlabrecque is looking into that. In the mean time I'll be working on the higher level things that will make it adaptable to the existing Unity networking." - Nelson Sexton
2.1.5 July 19, 2014
  • Other Additions:
    • Updated to the newest version of Unity which should hopefully fix audio issues with chainsaws, etc. that some people are reporting.
  • Increased Electric Trap health significantly
  • Increased network sendrate
  • Decreased sensitivity of antispeed a tiny bit more
  • Fixed easy sync servers screwing up savedata occasionally
  • Fixed some buggy areas on the map and an exploit with the bridge
  • Fixed gunshot audio range
Additional Information
  • Steam Networking: (not in the public branch)
    • "The dedicated server can now be run on computers without Steam installed and is properly VAC secure. Unfortunately I've run into a crash with Steamworks.NET which is being looked into, but in the mean time I'll work on Steam butt (which will bring with it multiple character save slots) and other such things." - Nelson Sexton
2.1.4 July 17, 2014
  • New Locations:
  • Skills get reset to half the level on death
  • Increased the number of cars on PEI
  • Fixed antispeed being a bit too sensitive
2.1.3 July 16, 2014
  • Improved anticheat versus speedhacks
  • Improved anticheat versus fake cars to prevent lag
  • Improved the long hair style to be more lopsided
  • Increased home respawn timer to 20 seconds
  • Fixed zombies to not attack two things at once
Additional Information
  • "Today I got a ton of progress done on the Steam server integration and learned a lot about how they work which will be really helpful. I even got the chance to talk to rlabrecque some more and he's doing some fantastic work improving the C++ to C# workflow, so thanks to him Steam servers will be coming sooner than originally expected! Note: Steam servers are not in the public branch as of yet." - Nelson Sexton July 15, 2014
  • Other Additions:
    • Added very tight anti-speedhack kicks
    • Added security against hackers spawning in vehicles and zombies
    • Added a new collision mesh for Garage Port and Garage Door to make them easier to park in
  • Fixed suppresor to Suppressor
  • Fixed to steep to too steep in Foundations
  • Fixed a bug with falling into the water
Additional Information
  • Steam server progress: (Not in the public branch.):
    • "Most of today's work went into the Steam servers, which are coming along slowly and surely. At least it shows up on the LAN list now! I've noticed a TON of people playing on massive 50 player servers which is great, but the game isn't optimized for that yet so there's a lot of de-synchronization. I'll be doing my best to significantly improve this with the Steam networking, however!" - Nelson Sexton
2.1.1 July 14, 2014
  • New Objects/Items:
  • New Recipes:
  • Other Additions:
    • Added the option to respawn at your bed
    • Added a 10 second cooldown on PvP for bed respawns
    • Added message for version mismatch
    • Added the ability to put shutters on walls to protect ladders
    • Added keybinds for turning nvgs on/off, dropping items and dequiping items
  • Increased all XP drops
  • Increased Metal Shield health
  • Increased (slightly) crop growth time
  • Renamed reset to suicide
  • Fixed savedata resets when playing tutorial
  • Fixed a saving bug when destroying the only barricade in a zone
  • Fixed robery to robbery
2.1.0 July 14, 2014
  • Other Additions:
    • Added player statistics to the main menu
    • Added a scrollbar to the player list
    • Added kicks for teleporting on servers
    • Added security against hacked backpack sizes/weights
  • Smoke Grenades spawn in militia spawns
  • Dedicated clients resize to 800x600
  • Fixed pulling people out of the water/ground on synced servers
  • Fixed the spelling of permanent
Additional Notes
  • "Unfortunately Mac support is still proving to be a complete pain to get working with the Steam stuff, but hopefully that can be worked out soon" -Nelson Sexton
  • "From now on weekends will be my days off though. ; ) " - Nelson Sexton July 12, 2014
  • Fixed the bars and underside of Wooden Ramp
  • Fixed a water rendering glitch. "By the way the reason proud water lags you is because it has to render the scene extra times for the reflections."
Networking progress
  • "Tomorrow I'm going to put the new Steamworks wrapper into Unturned which will hopefully mean Mac support on Monday and the foundation to implement Valve networking" -Nelson Sexton
2.0.8 July 12, 2014
  • Moved sirens position to be more nicely lit and are synced with audio
  • Reduced the number of supplies required to make structures
  • The Chainsaw vibrates when used
  • Fixed culling distances breaking on dual render scopes when changed in-game
Networking progress
  • As a temporary fix you can now host barebones dedicated servers with the following command line arguments on the game executable:
    • -arena -pei -normal -bambi -hardcore -gold -sync -nosync -pvp -pve -pass:PASSWORD -port:PORTNUMBER
  • After those configuration arguments you can add -sv to actually launch the server
2.0.7 July 11, 2014
  • Other Additions:
    • Added sirens to Emergency Vehicles which can be toggled with the control key
    • Added weighting to the day/night cycle so that daytime is 60% and nighttime is 40%. Previously it was 50% - 50%
    • Added saving to Bambi mode, as people found it confusing because my original intention was to create a mode where you can start from scratch each time
  • Arrows, Buckshot and Slugs spawn in piles of 3 to 5
  • Singleplayer is PvP mode so you can destroy Barricades
  • Zombie aggravation range is a bit lower to make sneaking easier
  • Plants can be placed in wheat and potato fields
2.0.6 July 10, 2014
  • Wooden doors, shutters and crates are openable by anyone
  • Previously existing wooden doors and shutters were converted into metal ones. Using the existing recipe creates the wooden variant, and adding scrap metal creates the metal version
  • All melees, including fists, have increased range
  • Removed the police and ambulance at the car crash and replaced them with car spawners
2.0.5 July 9, 2014
  • Bambi mode starts you off with some supplies
  • Various bug fixes
2.0.4 July 8, 2014
2.0.3 July 1, 2014
  • Fixed floating item spawns on the bridge
  • Fixed server filters not working
  • Fixed a bottleneck in the networking
  • Fixed flickering on blood splatters
  • Fixed burned car coloring
  • Fixed zoom on novuh iron sights
  • Fixed harvestable plants not using Steam time
  • Fixed looking away from fertilized plants resetting their state


Version Publish Date Additions and Changes
2.0.2 June 30, 2014
  • Fixed a crash related to navigation data
  • Fixed some areas where navigation data was incorrectly placed
  • Fixed some notifications when an action could not be completed

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