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Viper Magazine
Viper 25
File Viper_25
ID 1029
Rarity Rare
Type Magazine
Slots 2 Slots (1x2)
Capacity 25 Rounds
Refill Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Box



The Viper Magazine is a Rare Magazine Attachment in Unturned 3. It is designed to fit 25 rounds and can be refilled using a Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Box. The Viper Magazine can only be used on the Viper, and takes up 2 slots in the Inventory.


It is found pre-attached to the Viper or as a separate spawn. These locations are:

Yukon: Rarely found at Off Limits in the southeast corner of the map, and at the Overturned Ship in the northeast corner of the map.

Washington: Can be found fairly easily throughout the Scorpion-7 area and by the UFO.

Russia: Can be found in Bank vaults, the control tower at Shereyavo International and the Coalition Base. It can also be found in Carepackages.

PEI: It can be found in Carepackages.




  • Takes up 2 slots in the inventory, instead of 1
  • Depletes quickly due to gun's high rate of fire
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