Weather is a game mechanic in Unturned 3. Currently, there is only 3 types of weather.


Default weather consisting of no precipitation. Current weather conditions can be disabled via command.

@weather none


Rainstorms are a form of weather, which consists of rain precipitation. Clouds begin to darken as a rainstorm begins. Rainstorms can be restricted to specific

When a rainstorm ends it will instantly grow all Plants and completely fill any Rain Barrels that are not blocked.

Rainstorms can be started manually via command.

@weather storm


Blizzard weather consists of snow precipitation, and causes the Temperature system to take effect. Clouds begin to darken as heavy fog sets in when a blizzard begins. Blizzards can be restricted to a specific areas.

Blizzards can be started manually via command.

@weather blizzard


Version Changes Default weather has been added into the game. Snow weather has been added to the game. Rainstorm weather has been introduced to the game. Added dynamic snowstorms.
Added weather command which takes none, storm or blizzard as inputs.
Added options in map and config for blizzard frequency/duration and ambiance volume controls to limit rain and snow to specific areas.
Improved blending between rainstorms and blizzards.

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