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White Hat
Beret White 739
ID 739
Type Cosmetic Hat
Slots 4 Slots (2x2)



The White Hat is a cosmetic hat in Unturned 3.

Steam (Unturned 3)

ID ListSteam

White Hat

White hat icon
Item Type: Clothing (Headwear)
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.2kg/0.44 lbs
Examine Text: "For people who hack and report how."

The White Hat is a unique headwear in Unturned. It is the only unobtainable item in the game, meaning you cannot find them naturally from item spawns.


The White Hat has no in-game function at all, so it behaves just like any other head piece. However in multiplayer, it indicates the White Hat as a hacked item if any player is seen wearing it. This is because there's only one White Hat in the game that has been obtained by one player legitimately, and it cannot be found anywhere else. So any White Hat worn by players in multiplayer is either obtained from inventory editors (hack) or looted from hackers.


  • Due to not being able to be found from item spawns, the White Hat is considered the rarest item in the game.
  • It was originally given to OWN3D for informing Nelson (game creator) about an exploit in his website.
  • The name and description of the item refers to a White Hat Hacker.


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