Wiltshire Farm

Wiltshire farm overview

Wiltshire Farm on Unturned 2.

Location Type: Farm
Size: Small
House(s): 1
Barn(s): 1
Water Well(s): 1
Fuel Tank(s): 1

Wiltshire Farm is an agricultural location on Prince Edward Island. It is one of the two farms on the island and it is located south-west of Fernwood Farm, south of Alberton, and east of Holman Island. Wiltshire Farm is considered one of the best locations to build a base because it has all of the essentials to survive other than food. (Food can be farmed through the farm's seeds and fertile soil.)


Wiltshire Farm contains the following:

  • A house which spawns weapons, ammunition and other items.
  • A barn which also spawns weapons, ammunition and other items.
  • A well which allows players to refill their canteens without the need of going to the ocean.
  • A Gas Tank which allows players to refill their gas cans for refueling vehicles.
  • Vehicles like Trucks can spawn there.


  • The house only has two rooms, unlike Fernwood Farm's house which has three rooms.
  • Wiltshire Farm is a great stop-by for players due to having a water well and a Gas Tank, where they can refill & drink their canteens and refuel their vehicles using gas cans. The house and barn is also a good source of weaponry and ammunition.

Unturned 3:

Buildings on the Farm:

All the buildings on the Farm: