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Winchestre Clip

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Winchestre Clip

Winchestre Clip
Item Type: Ammunition (clip)
Ammo Capacity: 6 rounds
Used In: Magnum
Refilled With: 1 Civilian Bullets
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.3kg/0.66lbs
Description: 6 round civilian grade speed loader.

The Winchestre clip is a common type of ammunition found in civilian locations. It is used for the Magnum, which holds 6 bullets per clip. It requires 1 Civilian Bullets to fully refill it.



  • The Winchestre Clip is easily refilled using only one box of civilian bullets.
  • It is light weight.


  • The Winchestre Clip has a low ammo capacity, holding up to 6 bullets per clip.
  • Refilling it is inefficient compared to other magazines such as the Xtrimin Magazine.



  • The Winchestre Clips are based on the speed loaders, which is used to reload revolvers quickly.
  • The name "Winchestre" is probably named after the firearms manufacturer Winchester Repeating Arms Company.


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