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​Wooden Foundation

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Item Type: Structure
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 1 kg
Examine Text: A wooden platform.

A Wooden Foundation is an absolute necessity for base building in versions of unturned prior to version 3.0, where they were replaced by birch, maple and pine floors.

Wooden foundations act like floors and other structures may be placed on the foundation, such as pillars, walls, ramparts and doorways. It is advised to build a foundation on a flat surface or else it may clip into the ground.

It can be crafted with 3 wooden frames, which equals to 3 logs fully crafted.

Like its building counterparts, it can be destroyed by most melee weapons and zombie attacks. One wooden foundation has 2,800 HP.

Crafting Recipe

How To Make

Tips & Tricks

Wooden foundations can 'snap-to' to make your buildings more stream-line. This is useful in that overlapping foundations can sometimes hinder the placement of pillars. The feature also aids in building bridges over long or small stretches of water. A foundation can be placed on a shore line and the rest can be 'snapped-to' the first.

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  • Many wooden foundations can be placed over water to create a bridge-like structure. However, it is extremely tedious due to the amount of foundations that are required.
Unturned - How to Build a Bridge01:15

Unturned - How to Build a Bridge

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