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Wooden Gate

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Wooden Gate

Gallery 406
Item Type: Barricade
Health: 1600
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.25 kg/0.55 lbs
Description: Simple, unlocked gate.

The Wooden Gate is a large shutters designed mainly to control the passage of vehicles. They are typically used together with a Garage. They open by sliding vertically upwards and clip through any structure that stands above it. It has a metal variant, called the Metal Gate.

Wooden Gates can also be excellent for blocking off entrances to buildings with large doors similar to those on the barns, but it will not snap in place, like with the Garage.

Crafting Recipe

How To Make

  • 8 Wooden Planks (Wood type of your choice) + 2 Metal Scrap = 1 Wooden Gate.


  • For a short time in Unturned Classic, garage doors could be entered from the bottom if the door was on a hill and slightly above the player. This was quickly fixed due to the help of VuxxyGaming
  • Vans can sometimes get stuck in Wooden Gates that are directly in front of a slope
  • Wooden doors can sometimes close inside cars.
  • If a vehicle gets stuck in a wooden door, sometimes opening/closing it can cause the vehicle to free itself.
  • Although they look to be designed to work together, the Wooden Gate does not Appear to fit in the Garage Port with a slight gap at the side.
  • Wooden gates can clip through most materials placed above them.



Two garage ports, one with each variation of gate covering the port.