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A wooden Platform upon 4 Wooden Pillars

The Wooden platform is a placeable structure  in versions of Unturned prior to version 3.0, where they were replaced by Birch Roofs, Maple Roofs and Pine Roofs.

The Wooden Platform can be placed above 4 Wooden Pillars or it can be placed on other platforms in a similar way to foundations without any support, and can act as a ceiling or a roof. One wooden platform has 2,000hp.

To highlight the placement of the Wooden Platform above the 4 Wooden Pillars, aim at the floor below the platform you want to place.

Crafting Recipes

How to Make



  • It can be used to make a bridge, just like with the Wooden Foundation, but It's cheaper.
  • It takes 13 NATO Tracer shots to destroy it. 
  • A total of 6 boards and 4 sticks are required to build a Wooden Platform.
  • When placed on water, it is slightly more elevated than the Wooden Foundation and the Dock Foundation.