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The Wooden Shutter serves as a window that can be opened and closed. It can be placed on a foundation or platform but ideally should be placed in a window frame. It opens in the direction the player is facing unless you rotate the blueprint using right-click.

It is crafted using 1 Wooden Door  and 1 Bolt. It can also be found in some industrial areas such as Post offices.

The Wooden Shutter has 1200hp. Actually, it isn't present on Unturned 3.

Crafting Recipe

How to Make




  • It prevents zombies from entering through the window.
  • It can be opened quickly in order to shoot at enemies, and then can be quickly closed again to retain defenses.
  • Can be placed sideways, may help with some base builds


  • It does not have as much health as a Metal Shutter or a Metal Door .
  • It is totally unlocked as players will be able to open it and get inside.

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