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Zubeknakov 122
ID 122
Rarity Epic
Type Ranged Weapon
Slots Primary: 8 Slots (4x2)
Hooks Sight • Tactical • Grip • Barrel
Defaults Zubeknakov Iron Sights
Firemodes Safety • Semi • Auto
Range 200 meters • 656.1 feet
Firerate 12.5 RPS
Durability 15% degrade chance ( wear)
Damage 37
Damage 99
Damage 37
Barricade 20
Structure 15
Vehicle 40
Resource 20
Object 25
Negation True / False
File Zubeknakov
Caliber 9
Muzzle 3
Zubeknakov 122



The Zubeknakov /Zoo-beckNAH-kawf/, is an Epic Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It is classified as an assault rifle and it uses Ranger Magazines and Ranger Drums, which hold 35 and 75 rounds respectively. It has the Zubeknakov Iron Sights pre-attached by default. The Zubeknakov takes up 8 (4x2) slots in the Inventory.


PEI: The Zubeknakov is found in the bunker on Holman Isle , the airport tower, the lighthouse at Cape Rock, farm sheds, inside Alberton's bank vault, and on Radio Towers.

Washington: It can be found as drops from Militia Zombies, on the ground at Heritage Valley, and on the Radio Towers all around the map.

Russia: It can be found as drops from Military Zombies, on the ground at Volk Military Base , Zavod, Silo 22 and on the Radio Towers all around the map.


Decent range. Uses eight inventory slots.
Excellent durability. Worst assault rifle recoil.
Default magazine has a larger capacity than its Military-grade counterpart. Drum magazine has less capacity than its Military-grade counterpart.
Equipped with safety, semi-automatic and automatic firemodes. No ability to use special ammunition.
Excellent zombie damage. Lowest assault rifle player damage.



The Zubeknakov has been added to the game.
Added damage against objects, set at 25.
Tweaked Player damage from 40 to 45.
Tweaked animal damage from 40 to 45.


  • The Zubeknakov is easily recognizable because of its resemblance to the Kalashnikov series of rifles made by Mikhail-Kalashnikov. The weapon is very similar to the AK-47 rifle in particular.
    • Its lower player damage than the presumably-used 5.56x45mm NATO in its Military counterpart, the Maplestrike, may suggest that the Zubeknakov is an AK-74 type rifle chambered in the slightly weaker 5.45x39mm round.
  • This weapon can be found as a tutorial weapon in the Tutorial map.
Weaponry (Unturned 3)

ID ListWeaponry

The Zubeknakov is a ranged weapon in Classic. It has a damage value of 81, and a range of 400 meters.


Early Versions
  • The Zubeknakov has been added to the game.


  • The weapon can be seen as a 2D object against a Maple Barricade in the main menu of Classic.
  • It was the lightest assault rifle in Classic, weighing 2.5 kg.
  • It appears in the tutorial for Classic.


Weapons Damage Grades IDs

The AK47 is a Ranged Weapon in Antique. It uses 762x39mm magazines.


The AK47 can be found at crashed helicopters, Farway Airport's crashed airplane, and Skypoint Castle.

Weaponry (Antique)


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